Friday 4 November 2016

Smartphone controlled Arduino Robot Car :[DIY]

Smartphone controlled  Arduino Robot Car:


Today we are going to make a smartphone controlled Robot car by using arduino and bluethooh module so it is necessary to learn about communication of arduino with smartphone using bluetooth. Click here to go my previous post .

Material required:

  •  Arduino board

  • Bluetooth Module (HC-05)

  • Chassis, Motors , Wheels

  • Jumper wires and some basic elements

  • Motor driver (you can use any type of motor driver)

  • Battery(9V or 12V) 

Basic Concept:

First we will connect arduino to the smartphone via bluetooth module then an android app will send some bytes by clicking on UP,DOWN,LEFT,RIGHT buttons.
after receiving these bytes,arduino will process these bytes. After processing, arduino will send some signal to the motor driver for running bot.

Circuit diagram:
This is an easiest circuit for making a smartphone controlled bot.

to be continued....

I hope you have enjoyed this :)
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